Notification of change of operating company

Thank you very much for using e-gaikokujin Recruiting.

We hereby notify that from December 18, 2018, the operating company of e-gaikokujin Recruting has been changed from YAC Co., Ltd. to ASMARQ Co., Ltd.
With the change in the operating company, from December 18, 2018, the URL of the homepage will be changed as follows.

■Old URL:

■New URL:

※Requests to the persons who have done domain setting (setting for denial of reception)
In case you have done domain setting (setting for denial of reception) in your mobile phone or computer, you will not be able to receive emails sent by e-gaikokujin Recruting.
Please add domain “ ” of the new URL in the reception list.

[About joint use of personal information]
YAC Co., Ltd. may jointly use the personal information of monitors with ASMARQ Co., Ltd.

■Personal information items
Name, date of birth, gender, address, telephone number, email address, occupation, other information shared by customers, etc.

■Joint use party
ASMARQ Co., Ltd.

■Purpose of use for joint use party
①Extraction of the persons to be surveyed, placing survey request, sending survey form, checking and analyzing the survey results and sharing them with the customers, and other matters required for conducting marketing research
② Venue survey and checking and reception of participants in round-table conferences
③ Visit and coordination by survey personnel in the interview based and onsite visit type surveys
④ Awarding and exchanging points for the persons to be surveyed, payment of reward, dispatch of prizes, survey sample items etc.
⑤ Responding to inquiries etc. from the persons to be surveyed, providing support and communicating with them for checking the contents of the registration information
⑥ Identity verification concerning the members’ only page for the persons to be surveyed, displaying registration information etc., and performing various procedures
⑦ Conducting campaigns and prize contests related to the operation of marketing research, dispatch of email magazine, etc.
⑧ Matters related to or associated with the aforementioned activities

■Personal information manager
YAC Co., Ltd.